Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationAs a business owner, you know you cannot simply build a site, even a pretty one, and think all is well, leave it and expect your phone to ring. So now everyone is talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You decide to hire someone to “optimize” your site. They add keywords to your site and tell you that you have moved up in the search engines and you think all is well, leave it and expect your phone to ring. Why?

It’s too cliché to say that the internet is always changing; you know this. You have to be constantly updating your site to be found, engaging with your visitors and analyzing the conversion rates to adapt.

The first and best way to update and engage with your visitors is by starting a blog. With a blog you can continue optimizing your site with relevant keywords while engaging your visitors with valuable content. You can use your blog to educate, entertain and endorse. Google states that their key ingredients for their searches are “Relevance, Comprehensiveness, Freshness, and Speed”. (Google Search Overview) Nothing can guarantee to be the answer to the over 200 signals that Google uses in their algorithm yet a blog can add to include these ingredients.

Another way to engage your visitors is to offer a discount, special or expert content. In doing this you must include a Lead Capture form that adds your interested visitors to a lead nurturing campaign, be it a follow up call, email or additional offers. Test and evaluate which offer converts most accurately.

Today there are multiple technologies that allow companies to interact with their public. Not only is there phone, blogs and email; but also online chats, video and social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Quora and many more.  You can use these avenues to relate to your audience by commenting, networking, answering questions and informing.

Your site is a living organism and you can use it to increase your bottom line by updating it, engaging with its visitors, and evaluating to adapt.