Blogging for Builders and Remodelers: Picture This

blogging for remodelersIf you’re working to promote your remodeling or building business you’ve probably run into plenty of people who tell you to think outside the box. But if you’ve been using a blog as part of your toolkit to drive business, it may be time to think outside the blog!

Nobody ever said that a blog has to consist entirely of words. One of the best ways to communicate is through images. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is that more evident than in building and remodeling homes. A lot of people have a hard time imagining what their new or remodeled home will look like. Architectural plans to them are just lines and numbers that don’t really translate into something real. They need to see examples of what things are going to look like.

The same thing is true about their impression of you. You can tell them you do great work. You can talk about your attention to detail. You can even have happy clients rave about how happy they are with the work you did. But what do people want? They want to see what you’ve done.

So how to you use your blog to accomplish that? You can’t just stick a bunch of pictures in your blog and hope your blog gets noticed. Search engines still look for key words. And people are still looking for information. You still need to write a blog that contains helpful content. But when you describe something in your blog, include a link to pictures that illustrate what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about kitchens, put in a link that takes readers to pictures of kitchens you’ve done.  If you write about finishing a basement, include a link that shows finished basements you’ve completed. Your pictures can reside on a site like Flickr or the link can take readers back to specific images on the portfolio page of your own website.

Don’t just tell people about what you do . . . show them what you do. Words can be wonderful, but pictures seal the deal.

Do your blogs show or tell?