Blogging for Builders and Remodelers: What Do I Say?

Blogging for BuildersEven if you’re convinced of the value that blogging can bring to your building or remodeling business, you’re probably still facing a dilemma. What in the world are you going to say in your business blog?


It’s all well and good to buy into the concept that a blog can help establish you as a trusted expert in the area of home building or home remodeling. But an expert needs to say something. So what are you going to say that will help establish you as an expert—and be the basis for people trusting you with their home building or remodeling needs?


First of all, remember your goal. You’re not trying to train people to be builders or remodelers. You’re trying to answer their questions about building or renovating their home. Instead of thinking like a builder, you need (at least for a while) to think like a customer. Customers generally don’t care about your equipment. They really don’t need to know how many vehicles you have. And even though it’s important that you demonstrate your skill, they probably don’t care to hear all the details about your certifications.


They want answers to their questions. What are those questions? Pull your team together and get them to list the questions your customers ask them the most. See if you can come up with the top 25 most frequently asked questions. Each of those questions will make a good topic for a blog post. If you come up with 25 questions (and you’re blogging once a week), you’ve got fodder for 25 weeks of blogs!


Another topic you can talk about is a problem in the industry. Sound too negative? It’s not if you approach it as a “buyer beware” kind of article in which you’re steering people away from a potential problem.


Finally (for now) you can also talk about new developments in the industry. When you do this, make sure you don’t get too wrapped up in what you think is cool about the new developments. Focus on how it will help your customers or solve a problem they face.


You’ve got plenty to say—and it’s stuff people want to hear!


Other ideas?