Blogging for Business: Is Content Really King?

blogging for business content is kingIf you’ve been keeping track of the state of marketing these days, you’ve probably heard phrases such as: “Content is king” and “Create remarkable content.” What’s behind those phrases is the fact that businesses that are consistently putting out good content on their blogs have a distinct marketing edge over business that aren’t doing that.

There are studies that show businesses that blog 16-20 times a month generate twice as much traffic on their websites as businesses that only post information four times a month or less. And companies that blog more than 20 times a month generate five times as much traffic as those that only post four times a month.

But wait . . .there’s more! Companies that blog 16-20 times a month generate three times as many leads as companies that only blog four times a month. When they up their frequency to more than 20 times a month, they generate four times as many leads as companies that blog four times a month.

The amount of content you generate matters. But that’s only part of the equation. If you put out poor content that nobody wants to read, you can kiss all of those startling statistics goodbye. Let’s rephrase our first phrase:

“Quality content is king.”

Like any other aspect of your marketing (or the rest of your business), you get out what you put in. Customers don’t buy your products because you put out a lot of them. They purchase things that help them—things that meet their needs. They’re not buying goods or services to help you out. They’re buying them to help themselves.

It’s the same with your blog. People don’t read your blog because of the frequency or the number of words. And they don’t read your blog to help you out. If they read it, it’s because it helps them. And if your blog helps them out (helps them solve a problem or provides them with helpful information) they may turn to you when it’s time to make a purchase.

So, if you’re going to blog, make sure you blog enough to make a difference. But make sure that the quality of what you say justifies the quantity of your posts.