Builder Blogging? Why Customers Care About What Builders Have to Say

Builder BloggingIf you’re a builder or remodeler you may wonder what all the fuss about blogging has to do with you. You may think: “I’m a builder, not a blogger! Who’s going to read what I write anyway?”


While it might be true that there probably haven’t been a lot of Pulitzer Prizes won by builders and remodelers, that’s not what your potential customers are looking for. The people who might become your clients are getting ready to drop a lot of money on their home. And before they do that, they are looking for—information.


People who are looking to build or remodel a home have a lot of questions and concerns. They’re looking for some who can address their concerns and answer their questions. Guess who has the information they need? You do!


One of the main purposes of a blog is to make the information you possess available to your potential customers. Will they be able to go out and build their own house or remodel their kitchen after reading your blog? No! But if you answer some of their questions about the process and eliminate some of their anxiety, they will be much more likely to move ahead with their decision to build or remodel. And there’s no doubt about it, the better informed your customers are about the process, the easier it is to work with them when the hammers and saws come out.


There’s one more thing about blogging for builders that’s extremely important. When people make their choice about which builder to use, trust plays a huge role. People want to work with someone they trust—especially when it involves something as personal as their home. Business blogging helps establish you as a trusted expert. And when it comes time to make the choice about which contractor to go with, more often than not, they’ll go with the one who helped them understand what they’re getting into rather than the one who just gave them a quote.


Do customers care about what you have to say? You bet they do—maybe more than your think!  And you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author to give them what they want. Start writing that blog and before long you’ll be writing contracts, too.


What are your biggest questions about blogging?