Builder Internet Marketing: Create REALLY Good Content

builder internet marketingOne of the most important components of Internet marketing for builders is content.  No matter how good your marketing strategies are, they will not succeed if you do not have strong content.  Content that is consistently weak or takes a major drop is quality will kill your inbound marketing before you even know it.

Here are five ways that weak content can make your inbound marketing suffer and how you can avoid these pitfalls.  Rise to the challenge and make your building company web site soar!

1.  No links: If your content isn’t worthwhile, no one will link to it.  A lack of links means that your building company web site will take a big dive in the major search engine results.  This means that no one will be able to find you.

How to fix it: Create lots of high quality content.  If you only have a few links, make this a priority and people will start linking to your content.

2.  No one wants to share: One really important way that you get web site traffic is through people sharing your web site through social media sites, e-mails, and more.  If your content is week, no one will share it, creating significantly less visitors and another tank in the search engines.

How to fix it: Create high quality content tailored to your customers who will be eager to share it with their friends and co-workers.

3.  The Panda is hungry: Google’s algorithm updates, known as Panda, treats sites that have weak content in a very poor manor.  Yep, you guessed it: this also means poor search engine results.

How to fix it: Keep the Panda happy by creating quality, personalized content with relevant advertising.

4.  Your reputation takes a turn for the worst: If you’ve ever read product reviews online, you know that people are more likely to review a really bad product than a good one.  This holds true for web sites, too.

How to fix it: Don’t let this be you!  Your website needs consistent strong quality to keep receiving praise from your building customers.  It also starts with the quality of your construction work.

5.  No one wants to be your friend anymore: If a site has weak content or takes a drop in quality, people will leave and won’t come back.

How to fix it:It is much easier to win people over initially than win them back.  Start strong and stay strong so people will stick around.

wes powell president of TMR direct

Blog Post Written by Wes Powell

Wes Powell is the President of TMR Direct. TMR Direct’s desire is to provide you with the practical advice you need to be successful using direct mail and inbound marketing to generate traffic, leads, and ultimately customers.