Builder Marketing: 4 Ways A News Release Can Boost Your SEO

search engin optimizationSearch engine optimization (SEO) has rapidly become a huge component of all types of online marketing as more and more people are using the Internet for their research.  If you have only designed newspaper ads, flyers, and in-store ad campaigns, at best, the term SEO and its connotations have probably left you scratching your head.  At worst, it has left you completely panicked and ready to hire your assistant’s 16 year old daughter who understands everything about the Internet much more than you do.

Take a deep breath. SEO can be broken down into simple steps that anyone can follow.  This article will focus on using news releases to improve your search engine ranking.  If you do not already have a news feature for your building, remodeling, or contracting web site, considering adding one.

There are two main purposes for these news articles: 1) to gain more visibility and 2) provide useful information for your target audience.

Here are 4 ways that these news releases can boost SEO.
1.  Increase the number of Google indexed pages.  Consider ways that you can expand your web site that will be useful for your readers.  Additionally, consider relevant information that you can include in your news releases.  Frequently requested information and other types of information that have done will in non-Internet news releases may still be well received online.

2. Diversify your content strategy.  It is easy to post about the same type of information all the time.  For example, your remodeling company might be part of a region wide company that has sales.  You always write releases for your sales.  This is a great start.  However, consider other types of news articles that you can release as well, such as new products and new programs.

3.  Blow your own horn.  Once upon a time, you sent news to the press in hopes that they would publish it.  You are now your own press and media outlet.  Don’t be afraid to openly promote all of the services and advantages of your company.

4.  Easy to set up and manage.  Once you get a news release system set up on your web site, it will be very easy to write and publish new content.  Most importantly, you should set up a blog application and RSS feed.  These components are often included in Content Management Systems.  

What kind of news releases do you push out?

spencer powell inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.