Busting PPC Myths for Builders and Remodelers

Busting PPC Myths mouseTypically when you consider inbound marketing for your building or remodeling business, you don’t think of PPC (pay per click).  Even though it is a traditional marketing strategy, there is still a place for it in the world of inbound marketing.  The key is to find a balance between paid search and organic search strategies instead of relying heavily on one or the other.  Here are some of the most common myths about PPC and what you can do to combat them in your own marketing practices.

Myth #1: You Will Gain Higher SERP Ranks by Spending More on PPC
Major search engines have never made this claim, nor is there any evidence to suggest that there is even a little bit of truth to it.  However, there is evidence that if you have top rankings for both organic and paid spots, your building or remodeling company will gain authority.  This results in an increased conversion rate between the search result and your web page.  To achieve this, you will still need a strong SEO strategy.

Myth #2: Leads and Traffic are PPC Dependent

This is only true if you are relying solely or very heavily on PPC.  If this is true, it’s time to start using inbound marketing strategies such as blogging to improve organic search rankings.  You don’t need to make drastic changes overnight, but start decreasing PPC while increasing new strategies.  These strategies will achieve more leads at a cheaper rate.  Don’t forget that you’re looking for quality over quantity.  1,000 clicks per day are meaningless for your building company if only a couple of these leads turn into customers.

Myth #3: PPC Will Deliver Strong Results More Quickly Than SEO
While PPC does deliver quick results, they are not necessarily positive ones.  If you have low conversion rates and slow sales cycles, it’s time to stop throwing your money away and start focusing on boosting your organic search rankings.  This change in technique will result in a long lasting, sustainable, scalable, cost-effective, and credible method for search engine traffic.

Myth #4: PPC is Easier to Manage and Measure than SEO
It is easy to think that a PPC bidding model is straightforward with easy measurement techniques, but it is actually much tougher to monitor than SEO.  Instead of spending hours with Excel spreadsheets and campaign monitoring, you can use free or low cost SEO tools very quickly every day.

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Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development. www.tmrdirect.com