Direct Mail for Real Estate: A Marriage Made in Marketing Heaven


Direct-Mail-for-Real-Estate-Marketing-A-Marriage-Made-in-Marketing-Heaven.jpgReal estate has had an enduring love affair with direct mail marketing, and there’s a good reason for it.

Direct mail is, by its very nature, geographically targeted – as are most real estate businesses. Real estate companies operate in communities, and direct mail gives them the ideal way to reach those communities. If you’re not already using direct mail for your real estate marketing, here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Finding Homes to Sell

A realtor is only as good as their inventory. Without the right homes in the right areas, you won’t have anything to offer would-be clients who come knocking.

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to trigger prospective sellers to get in touch. A simple postcard with the offer of a free home valuation can be all it takes to get the ball rolling so that clients list their homes with you.

Marketing New Communities and Developments

You know your neighborhood, and you know where the people live who are looking to move out of starter homes or to downsize. Why not take advantage of that knowledge by marketing new communities and developments directly to those areas? A simple flyer or postcard advertising a show home or open house can be the catalyst you need.

Advertising Current Listings

Another great way realtors can use direct mail to sell more homes is to create a monthly flyer showcasing current listings. Since this will be a time-sensitive piece, make sure you have the format developed ahead of time so that you can design and send your mailers quickly!

Include inventory that has been listed for a while, and approach sellers about offering discounted rates to sell their homes quickly.

Rental Communities

Real estate isn’t just about buying and selling. There’s a great deal of business to be done in residential and commercial rentals, and direct mail can be a great way to reach customers looking for a new rental property. Create special offers for reduced rent to fill buildings quickly or to advertise new commercial rental projects.

Tips, Tricks and Facts

Real estate is a perfect industry for direct mail marketing because the value of each transaction justifies the cost of sending out your mailer. If you send out 1,000 pieces of direct mail to prospects and only 3 percent respond, that’s still 30 motivated buyers, sellers or renters.  That’s a return on investment that makes good financial sense.

When you do send out your direct mail piece, consider using both sides of the paper or card and creating a piece your prospects will keep and look at regularly. A telephone list for the fridge, a calendar of local events for the month or a local restaurant directory are all great ideas. Your prospects may not be ready to sell right away, but if they see your branding every day or week, when they are ready, you’ll be getting a call!

Finally, remember that first impressions count, particularly in the real estate market. Make sure your message is clear, your spelling and grammar are impeccable and your design is high-quality. It’s better to spend a little more on an effective direct mail piece you can be proud than to create a bad impression.

Direct Mail Best Practices