Direct Mail Ideas for All the Senses


Direct-Mail-Ideas-for-All-the-Senses.jpgDirect mail has always been a visual medium, and that’s never going to change. However, if your pieces are already working well on the visual front, then maybe it’s time to take your direct mail to the next level and stimulate one or two more senses? After all, the goal is to engage and intrigue.  If you can get your prospect’s attention on more than one level, you might be on to a winning direct mail strategy.


Even if your direct mail pieces are doing well thanks to great copy and graphic design, there are still ways to add interest and make your pieces stand out more. Consider using surprising elements, like metallic accents or clear sections to surprise recipients. If your visual appeal can stop them in their tracks, they’re much more likely to read your message!


We’re all familiar with scented mail pieces, and there’s no doubt they have an impact. Is there a way you can integrate scent into your direct mail piece? Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfume. Coffee, chocolate, cinnamon or even freshly mowed grass are all memorable, pleasant scents. Or how about mint-scented mailers for a dentist?


Have you ever opened a birthday card and heard a tune? Did it make you smile? You can use that in your direct mail. Even if you don’t opt for actual sound (although that would be cool!), you could use a familiar tune to get your prospects singing along. Try incorporating your message in a well-known song like Happy Birthday or a beloved nursery rhyme.


Touch is another great element to incorporate into your direct mail, and it can have a big impact. Whether it’s an embossed finish, ultra-high shine polished smoothness, a velvety feeling or even braille, tactile elements can add another dimension to your direct mail pieces.

Consider tying texture into your brand. For instance, you could send out a highly polished piece to advertise stone countertops or a piece of AstroTurf to market a landscaping company.


Taste is one of the least-used senses in direct mail campaigns, which is exactly why you might find it converts well. Consider something like custom printed gum or even so-called Peel ‘n Taste strips (yes, that’s a real thing!).

More Is More When It Comes to Sensory Engagement

Everyone says you need to keep your message simple in order to succeed at direct mail marketing, and when it comes to copy, that’s absolutely true. However, by using your direct mail campaign to stimulate other senses, you can make a bigger impact without adding any extra words.

People are accustomed to seeing flyers, brochures and sales letters. While a compelling message can still get you noticed, something out of the ordinary will definitely cause your prospects to stop and take a closer look, and that’s when your piece will start to exceed your expectations!

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