Direct Mail Isn’t Dead


direct mail isnt dead“Direct mail is dead.”  How many times have you heard this over the last 3 years?  Pretty bold statement considering the largest internet company in the world (Google), has been using direct mail very extensively over the last year pushing its paid advertising platform (Google Ad Words).

Direct mail isn’t dead.  Let’s face it.  Yes, direct mail is “more expensive” than email, social media, and many other online marketing strategies

But is it less effective? 

How do you define “expensive”?  Shouldn’t “expensive” be defined by the ROI of a marketing campaign?  If you spend $20,000 on one direct mail campaign and land $70,000 worth of revenue…is it still expensive?? What if you spend $20,000 on email over the course of an entire year, but don’t land any new business?

Which is more expensive? 

Today, smart marketers are stepping back and analyzing what REALLY WORKS – not just what’s hot right now or what’s cheap.  Yes, you have to be cautious at times.  Yes, you have to watch your budget.  But, at the end of the day, you have to do what works.  And let’s face it…direct mail works!

Just think: would a company like Google really turn to an offline medium if it didn’t work?

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