Direct Mail Today: Will People Even Read It?


Direct-mail-today-will-people-even-read-itIf you’ve been using direct mail as a marketing medium for a few years, you may remember the old debate about whether long copy of short copy was better for generating response. Some argued that recipients wouldn’t take the time to read long letters or catalogs. Others said longer copy developed a deeper relationship with the reader and broke down objections.

Today the debate seems to be whether your audience will read it at all!

If your mailbox (either at home or at the office) is any indication, you might be inclined to think that some businesses have given up on direct mail. In a strange twist of fate, declining mail volume may actually cause an increase in the impact of your direct mail efforts. With less competition in the mailbox, a well-conceived and produced direct mailing can really stand out.

Ultimately, it comes down to value. If your mailing promises—and delivers—value, people will read it—and respond. They may respond online (and you better be giving them a good way to do that). They may pick up the phone. They may visit your place of business.  But if you do it right, they will respond.

That’s why as recently as 2012 businesses spent more than $45 million on direct mail. Done properly, consumers will not only read direct mail, they’ll act on what they read. If you want to get started taking advantage of a marketing tool that many are overlooking, download our free 21 Tips to Improve Your Direct Mail Program white paper.

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