Forget Diamonds! Go for the Purls!

pURLsIn the 1949 Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Carol Channing crooned that “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”—wisdom that has gone undisputed ever since.  But times have changed and there’s a new “gem” in town. And while diamonds may still get the girl, savvy businesses have discovered the power of Purls.


What makes Personalized URLs (Purls) so powerful?


First of all, they’re personal. They speak to a universe of one. There is something compelling about seeing your name in a URL: ( You can’t help but hope that at the other end of that click there’s something just for you.


A Purl allows for immediate action. When a prospect clicks on a personalized web address, it takes them to a landing page designed to give them the specific information they’re looking for. It gets right to the point. Visitors don’t have to get lost in the bowels of your website. They can go right to what interests them, and they can take action: requesting additional information, or even placing an order.


Purls say those three words that all businesses long to hear: “Return On Investment.” Because you’re able to better target your audience and move them to positive action, you’ll garner a bigger bang for your marketing buck. And by delivering the information prospects really want you’ll build your relationship with them. And once they “touch” you, you’ll be able to “touch” them again and again.


So forget the diamonds and go for the Purls. They’re a businesses best friend!