How Builders Can Keep Up with the Ever-Evolving SEO

How Builders Can Keep Up with the Ever-Evolving SEO

Even if you have had SEO training during your schooling or as a part of your professional development as a builder, it is more than likely that much of what you learned has changed significantly.  SEO has changed in every way, shape, and form during the last 10 years and will continue to change.  Don’t run away screaming from this reality.  It’s never too late to start learning the process that you can then adapt as needed over time.  Here are a few insights to get you started.

builders keep up with changing seoHow has the practice of SEO changed over the last few years?
Search engine results don’t just include organic and paid listings anymore but also have real-time search results, such as Twitter content.  This means that the page index has grown considerably with over 10 billion pages to date with search engine algorithms continuing to change accordingly.

Is the search engine ranking in a search engine result page important?
In short, yes.  The higher your ranks are for both web pages and social media results, the more likely you are to get clicks.  Google, Bing, and Yahoo have become the go to search spots for many individuals.

Is search engine page rank important?
At one point the page rank was important, but Google has started to move away from this metric.  Getting top Google rankings with highly competitive keywords is not necessarily dependent on a high page rank.

How have personalization and localization changed search engine rank relevance?
Personalized and localized results make the search engine game harder for companies but are important for individuals.  As a building company owner, it’s important to focus on your search engine ranking to ensure that you get high ranking spots for both of these aspects of your company.

How does social media impact searches?
As real-time results become more prevalent in search engine results, it’s tough for the organic listings to rank as high.  While you can get leads, customers, and traffic from your real-time results, you still want to have organic listing clicks, too.  Once again, this is why keywords are so important.

Takeaway Points about Inbound Marketing

    • SEO is useful when it complements remarkable, relevant content.
    • Start using real-time, social, and video content if you aren’t already.
    • Figure out which keywords drive leads, sales, and traffic, then work on improving SERP and page rank.
    • There are a variety of methods for creating and measuring optimized content.  Decide what will work best for you and your building company to maximize your seo potential.
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