How Many Ways Are You Talking With Your Customers?

how many ways are you talking to your customersChances are you’re already talking with your customers and prospects on a regular basis—and that’s a good thing. But are you talking where they’re listening? If you want to reach a broader range of potential customers you need to do it by using their preferred methods of gathering information.

It’s been increasingly clear to marketers over the years that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to getting your message out. What’s becoming clear is that one size fits fewer and fewer all the time. So what are some of the best ways to get your message out? HubSpot, SEOmoz recently conducted an SEO & Internet survey among 6,400 online marketers. The chart below (from an August 17, 2012 HubSpot blog) shows the top five means these companies use to reach their customers.

Companies are obviously taking a multi-pronged approach in their marketing efforts.

  • 73 percent publish blog posts. Are you regularly blogging about topics of interest to your customers? Are you doing it enough? And just how often is “enough?”
  • 69 percent are putting out free articles, guides, and special reports. Are you leveraging your knowledge and expertise to establish yourself as an industry expert and to generate leads?
  • 47 percent continue to publish press releases. A press release may seem somewhat “old school” amidst all of this online communication, but if it’s done properly and contains useful information that’s helpful to customers, it’s still a powerful tool.
  • 44 percent publish electronic newsletters. Some customers still prefer the general format and style of a newsletter. If the information isn’t helpful, it won’t get read, but if the newsletter’s content is helpful and valuable, it can generate good leads.

How many different ways are you communicating with your customers and prospects? Just focusing on one method of communication isn’t enough when your audience is looking in multiple places for the information they want.