How Restaurants Can Use Direct Mail to Their Advantage


Restaurants_use_direct_mail_to_their_advantageAs the weather warms up, customers start venturing out of their homes again. For restaurant owners, this means more people are going out to eat and those people will be saturated with choices of dining options. Following are a few ways that direct mailing campaigns can ensure that your restaurant is on diners’ radars.


By circulating flyers around a neighborhood or area, restaurants can make sure that their establishment maximizes their customer base far beyond what foot-traffic alone provides. When constructing your flyers, be sure to include plenty of pictures and language that will draw the consumer’s attention. Highlighting recipes your establishment is famous for or focusing on what makes you unique are both excellent ways to make yourself stand out from other eateries in the region. If your establishment offers delivery or take-out services, be sure to include this on your flyer. Sometimes it is difficult for diners to establish which restaurants are within their zone for delivery, so distributing flyers to homes informs diners that your restaurant caters to their area – guaranteed.


Speaking of your famous recipes, one method that is sure to draw customers is attaching coupons for your best dishes to the flyers or even sending them on their own. Coupons statistically have a higher turn-around rate than flyers alone, so including three or four coupons for various items in your direct mailing campaign is a great way to take the extra steps toward grabbing your future customer’s eye.

Cooking Tips

By circulating recipe ideas or cooking tips, direct mailers can show customers your culinary expertise. If, for instance, a customer were to receive a recipe from your establishment at their doorstep and proceed to try that recipe out, your restaurant would be solidified in their mind as one whose food quality is high. Moreover, the types of recipes and cooking tips circulated inform consumers about what they should expect from your restaurant, so when considering their dinner options they can make an informed decision about your place.

Electronic Options

Direct mail doesn’t necessarily have to be in paper form. By offering your diners the option to complete surveys while at your restaurant, you have an opportunity to gain their electronic contact information while learning how your business could improve. Maintaining an active Facebook or other social media presence is also a great way to keep your customers informed while finding out which way is best to contact them. When sending an email, text, or telephone advertisement, be sure to make it as relevant as possible so the campaign can continue past the first attempt. By circulating pertinent information, you can help consumers remain engaged with your business.

These are only a few of the options a direct mail campaign can provide to restaurant owners. The best way to get customers and to keep them coming back is by providing a great product, and with this sort of marketing campaign more customers will be drawn to your establishment to indulge in your cuisine than with other types of campaigns alone.


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