How to Develop a Successful Direct Mail Lead Generation Strategy


How-to-Develop-a-Successful-Direct-Mail-Lead-Generation-StrategyAccording to marketing experts, strategy, content, and clients, are the three essentials for successful lead generation in the future. We’re going to give you some strong strategies to generate significantly more clients and qualified leads for your business. All of them are easy to apply and cost effective, and work for all companies, whether large or small.

Strategy #1: Direct Mail

This strategy is extremely flexible, and allows you to have access to normally inaccessible prospects for a wide variety of purposes—just a few of which include:

  • Selling your products
  • Generating sales leads
  • Following up on inquiries
  • Keeping in contact with former clients
  • Getting more business from existing customers
  • Closing a sale in advance

With direct mail you can consistently present all advantages of the products or services you offer compared to those of your competitors. It is a method that not only keeps you in contact with your clients at their offices during business hours, but in the evenings and over weekends too, in their homes.

The key to success is reaching prospective clients with the right offer and the right message, because in the end, it is only the number of sales and inquiries that are generated by your direct mailing that is most important.

Strategy #2: Advertising Scientifically

Since advertising is considered to be the same as salesmanship in print, the advertising you do for your company should be equally as good as a top salesman, if it is to achieve top results. When your advertising is done in a scientific way according to proven facts and principles, it can’t possibly be a gamble for you and your company.

Advertising is used in many effective ways and when it’s done correctly, it can’t help but result in your business thriving. Some great advertising methods to use include:

  • Making sure to advertise only in media that reaches an adequate amount of the people you’re targeting
  • Making sure that the entire thrust of your communication is centered around your potential client’s interests, rather than your own
  • Providing your potential client with sufficient information and education
  • Offering your potential clients something so appealing, that they respond immediately

Strategy #3: Promotions and Special Events

One of the best ways to be successful in business is by making your customer’s experience a memorable, special one. Make sure that the event or promotion you have organized is interesting and informative, enjoyable and exciting, educational and valuable to your clients, and you’re onto a winner. You’ll form a strong and meaningful relationship with your clients and more business will come your way.

Strategy #4: Using Word-Of-Mouth as a Marketing Medium

Word-of-mouth is considered by many to be the most powerful and persuasive marketing tool that any business can use. There is not another marketing method available that encourages clients as much to try out new products or services. It is more effective even than a combination of any other form of advertising, the most competent of salespeople, public relations and direct response.

By using these types of strategies, you’ll reap the full benefits of generating good leads after you’ve made contact with potential clients. Once you stir up interest in the products and services offered, you’ll make appointments that could well lead to new sales and more profits for your company.

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