How To Make Sure Your Direct Mail Gets Opened


How to Make Sure Your Direct Mail Gets Opened

Once your direct mail is sent and on the way to the recipient, there’s nothing else you can do—or is there? Instead of crossing your fingers and simply hoping that your direct mail will be opened, why not invest time to ensure that it

is? Not only will this boost your ROI, but it will also ensure a successful direct mail campaign!

Unlike mobile marketing, you can’t easily take advantage of compelling headlines and subject lines. But similar to mobile marketing, direct mail is all about optimizing your efforts and packaging to make it more appealing to the recipient. Here’s how:

Handwrite the mailing address.

One of the problems with direct mail is that it can feel mass produced. By writing the mailing address by hand, you’re adding a personal touch that will appeal to the recipient. Imagine: you walk to your mailbox and see an envelope with your name written on it. Even if you know it’s from a marketer, there’s something about that handwriting that makes it personalized for you. You would open it—and your lead targets will as well.

Use a colorful envelope or postcard.

Now, we’re not saying that your direct mail needs to have every color of the rainbow, but think of how this will fit into a stack of mail that your target receives. You want to ensure that your marketing material stands out and is easily recognized. Remember, as humans, we’re visual creatures, so draw attention to your material!

Open with your value proposition.

If you think that retention rates are low on mobile marketing, they’re just as challenging in direct mail as well. No matter what the medium, consumers have short attention spans—period. Instead of trying to build excitement to your value proposition, simply open with it. This will grab attention and ensure that the recipient sees your pitch regardless of whether or not they read the rest of your direct mail.
Issue a CTA. Instead of using tired phrases such as “Confidential” or “Do Not Open,” be forthcoming with your direct mail. For instance, “open immediately,” “free recipes inside” or other phrases that encourage the recipient to take action are more likely to result in your direct mail being opened. CTAs are just as effective in the real world as they are in mobile marketing.

Know when to stay low-key.

While you want to be fancy in your packaging when reaching out to consumers, consider being simpler when reaching potential business clients. Remember, most mail will be intercepted by a secretary, intern or lower-level employee before reaching a manager. If your direct mail—or mobile marketing—looks too much like advertising, it may be tossed without ever being opened.

Pique your audience’s curiosity.

Ultimately, it’s your audience’s curiosity that will determine whether or not they open your direct mail. The more ways you can make it mysterious or a “must-open” package, then the easier you’ll be able to ensure your sent mail is opened. Make it look friendly, personal and too important to be ignored.

Good luck!

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