How To Write a Want Ad For a Marketing Specialist


How-to-write-a-want-ad-for-a-homebuilding-marketing-expertThere was a time when businesses could simply send out some direct mail, run a few ads in newspapers or magazines, schedule a couple of radio or TV ads, and feel like they had their marketing pieces pretty well lined up. But in today’s competitive market space that kind of approach isn’t going to get you the results you want.

Marketing today requires strategy and integration of both online and off-line marketing efforts. Businesses can’t just hand off marketing responsibilities to anyone in the company. Businesses need a marketing specialist. But what does that person look like? How would you go about writing a want ad for a marketing specialist?

Perhaps the two most important things to look for in a marketing specialist are mindset and skill set. Here are some key elements to ask for in each of those.


You’ll want a candidate who doesn’t just “do” marketing, but who has a marketing mindset and thinks strategically about marketing.  That means hiring someone who is able to think like a customer and ask the kind of questions customers would ask. Having a marketing mindset is about more than just scheduling various marketing activities. It requires the kind of person who can think through why specific activities are helpful and how to use the different components of a marketing strategy in concert to maximize the impact.

Skill set

The other thing you’ll want to look for in a marketing specialist is a certain skill set. You’ll need someone who can write clear and compelling copy. That doesn’t necessarily mean someone who is “cute” or “clever” with words. It means finding someone who is able to identify the wants, needs, and pain points of an audience and address those things in a convincing manner. And it means understanding how to move people to action with clear calls to action. A good marketing specialist should also have skill in using a variety of online and offline technologies, and have the ability to move seamlessly between them.

A Team Player

We generally see this characteristic listed for any position, but it’s really applicable for a marketing specialist. Marketing doesn’t exist for itself. A good marketing specialist knows how to gather marketing information and pass it on to the sales team in a way that helps them follow up appropriately.

Marketing today is too important to do “on the backstroke.” It requires someone who understands your marketing goals (or how to set them) and who can also execute the initiatives to help you achieve those goals.

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