How to Write Great Direct Mail Content


Content-Considerations-for-Direct-MailTo successfully compete alongside other forms of marketing, direct mail campaigns should focus on engaging content. Everything from pulling the mail out of the mailbox to opening the envelope and reading should be an experience that is natural and relevant. Content marketing in direct mail doesn’t have to mean pages of passive script. Instead, it means focusing on sending mailings that make a difference in the lives of the recipients.

If you’re thinking that direct mail is all but obsolete, you’d be wrong. Direct mail is coming back as part of comprehensive marketing strategies for B2B and B2C companies trying to reach a target market. The difference in direct mail marketing today is that it needs to be much more compelling with a mixture of passive and aggressive tactics to encourage brand engagement.

A company that can provide a value-add before providing any product or services, shows interest in the client experience and creates a more meaningful connection with future clients. That kind of extra thought inspires brand loyalty and trust. Content in direct mail should do the following.


Tell a story that illustrates the point of your company’s existence. Provide key points about a product or service and how it helped clients fill a void. Be as succinct and direct as possible. Infographics and other visual cues are essential for quickly imparting an emotional message that may encourage further action.

Nurture the Lead

A direct mail marketing campaign doesn’t have to be an “act now!” CTA. Instead, it can be successful as part of an integrated marketing campaign that uses various touch points to engage with leads and lead them to the point of purchase.

Highlight Internet Information

Always include website and/or social media information. A lead that is not willing to act at the moment may be willing to further explore a company if given the chance to do some online research. Keep your online marketing strategy strong to promote crossover lead nurturing.

Address Multiple Company Approaches

Often, a purchaser will avoid seeking further information about a company if the information isn’t readily available. Use QR codes, apps, and website touch points to make your company and product information easily accessible to the consumer.

Take Advantage of the Medium

There are a lot of things you can do with direct mail that will never be able to compete with internet marketing. Include samples, longer descriptions and informational booklets that are well organized and visually appealing. Make your packaging pop with unique finishes and materials that mail recipients will want to open. Use your primary message and log on the packaging along with a clear CTA to make the most out of your packaging design.

Direct mail is the perfect opportunity to include human interest and other stories. Your audience is much more likely to finish a longer piece of copy on paper than online. Even if he or she puts it down to engage in another activity, the chance to finish the article without losing the page is much higher in paper than online.

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