How Xerox Is Helping People Get a Handle On Healthcare


How-Xerox-Is-Helping-People-Get-a-Handle-on-HealthcareJan. 1, 2014 was the all-important, looming deadline for everyone to be registered for health insurance. For many Americans, details about the new healthcare law and what it meant for them were vague at best. What did they have to do before the deadline? What would happen if they didn’t? What options were there available? Lots of people had lots of different questions. But the answers came from a rather unexpected place: Xerox. The company most famous for its copy machines now hosts a website called HealthBiz Decoded. And not only is it clear and helpful, it’s an example of content marketing at its finest.

The site features copious amounts of articles on every conceivable healthcare topic. There’s information on doctors and providers. There’s information for doctors and providers. There’s information on payments, procedures, the latest technological innovations, and much more, along with plenty of articles about the new law.

In addition, the site is updated daily with further articles. Helpful information, tons of pages, and continually fresh content. It’s a textbook example of what content marketing is supposed to be.

In addition, HealthBiz Decoded also knows how to do SEO. The site features a “Tags” tab, with a list of two dozen popular healthcare related search terms, from “Doctors” and “Hospital” to “Healthcare Costs” and “Medical Procedures.” These are the keyphrases that people will most likely be searching for when they look for information about healthcare. And linked to each keyphrase is compiled a list of all the articles and content that employ it, making them easy to find and browse through.

The Xerox branding on the site is subtle. In the top right corner of every page are the words “Presented by Xerox,” with the company’s logo, followed by a series of social media links. But while it’s not at all obtrusive, you’d still be hard pressed not to see it, as the logo is right above the site’s search application. They don’t shove it down your throat, but they make sure, nonetheless, that before you leave the site, you know that this vast treasure trove of helpful information is courtesy of Xerox.

It may seem a little odd for a photocopying and document management company to choose to become a go-to source for healthcare as their strategy for content marketing. But that’s what makes it so effective. The disconnect between the service they’re providing and the actual products they sell makes it all the more clear that this is an altruistic project. They’re doing it to help people, and to fill an important need during an important time. But that in turn builds up their reputation in the minds of the people benefitting from the site and its content. So the next time those people ARE looking for help with an issue related to copiers and document management, who will they think of first? Xerox.

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