HubSpot Form Replication – Where Is It?

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This is a heads up that the following post is somewhat of a rant, but it’s only a cry for help to HubSpot. As you know, we’re Gold HubSpot Partners and proud of it. We’ve been using the HubSpot software for well over two years now with multiple client websites as well as our own. There’s not too much that we DON’T like about the software. However, there are a couple things we’ve found that are extremely frustrating, and one of those is the forms.

Currently, HubSpot forms can be created and customized for each and every page on your website. This is great. We want to be able to track leads coming from different pages and know which pages those leads are coming from. We can even create multiple form fields of all different types: drop down menus, text boxes of different sizes, multiple choice, checkboxes and so on! This is also great. We want to create custom fields so that we can ask our leads various questions in order to qualify them.

So, what seems to be the problem? Well, every time we create a new landing page, we often want to use a similar form (with similar form fields). An example would be a longer form where we ask for first name, last name, email, phone number, company name, website and a couple of qualifying questions such as “What is Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?” or “Are you currently using a CMS?” It’s somewhat cumbersome to create a new form with all these fields every time we create a landing page. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use an existing form? Well…you can. If you create a landing page, you can choose to “Create a New Form” or “Choose an Existing One.” Great! I’ll just choose an existing form and use one I already created with those 10 different form fields.

OK…here’s where we run into trouble. I can use the previously created form, but now I start to losing lead tracking ability. If I select that old form and now I have it on two pages, I won’t be able to see if a lead came in through the original landing page or the new landing page. Additionally, if I use an old form and modify the “thank you” page, it changes in every place that form exists. So, yes, it changes it on the old landing page. Suddenly, “Selecting an Existing Form” isn’t looking like such a great option. Alight, enough complaining…here’s my solution.

Wouldn’t it be nice if when you were creating a new form, you had the option to “Replicate an Existing Form”? This option would allow users to select an old form, but then customize it from its original state. In reality, the system would create a new form, but it would allow you to modify it and track leads just as if you had created two different forms. This is a very simple change, but it would make ALL the difference! So, how about it HubSpot!? Thanks!