Inbound Marketing: Does It Really WORK? Looking At Results

Inbound marketing does it really work looking at resultsMarketing blogs (like this one) are great for communicating ideas and suggestions for improving your marketing efforts. You can unearth all kinds of information about how to generate leads, cultivate leads and grow your business. A lot of the material you find is interesting and even stimulates your thinking about how to make your marketing more effective. Sometimes the information is simple and straightforward. Other times, it seems pretty complex.

Often, however, those of us who read these kinds of blogs have a nagging question in the back of our minds: “Does this stuff really work?” It’s one thing to talk about inbound marketing, blogging and website optimization. It’s quite another to look at actual results that come from doing those things. With that in mind, we thought you might appreciate some real-life examples of companies that have invested in inbound marketing—and how that investment paid off for them. Here are three examples of companies we’ve personally worked with. 

  • Remodeler Inbound Marketing Case Study: This remodeler increased organic traffic by 842 percent in 6 months. His website generated a total of 397 qualified leads in 15 months. And he added an additional $1,715,000 in revenue through 21 new projects in 15 months. 
  • Website and Lead Conversion Case Study: Discover how a resort community went from generating less than 20 leads per month to generating more than 2,000 leads in 12 months. Take a look at what they actually spent on inbound marketing and their real return on investment. 

Of course a case study doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the exact same results in your business. Your particular business situation is unique. But if you’ve been mulling over the idea of how to apply inbound marketing strategies and tactics to your business, case studies like these take things out of the theoretical and show you what can be done in real-life situations. And if you have additional questions about these case studies—and how the principles these companies used can be applied to your situation—contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions we can.

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