Inbound Marketing for Non-Profits: Tell Me a Story

inbound marketing for nonprofitsIf you’re involved with getting the message of your non-profit organization out to a broader audience, what’s the best way to do that? What gives people outside your organization a clear picture of just what it is you’re all about and exactly what you do? It’s probably not asking people to read through your mission and values statement. And leading readers through a detailed account of your organization’s history (however fascinating that may be) probably won’t get it done either.

If you’ve been around non-profit organizations for a while you know what resonates with your constituents. You know what helps people understand what you do. It’s the personal stories of the people your organization touches. Hearing people—in their own words—describe how your organization impacted them is extremely powerful.

So how can you use inbound marketing tools to let people tell their stories? Here are a few suggestions:

Blog. You’re probably blogging on a regular basis. When you do, entice readers with part of a fascinating story and then link that  “teaser” to a short YouTube video that tells the rest of the story.

Twitter. A lot of organizations send out regular updates about what’s going on in and around the organization. When you send out tweets, be sure that you don’t just focus on events or news items. Include some tweets that link back to YouTube videos or testimonials on your website.

Facebook. More and more organizations have a strong presence on Facebook. Don’t just use this platform for talking about organizational philosophy or to talk about what you’re doing. Show people what you’re doing! Post short video testimonials featuring real people you’re impacting, instead of organizational spokes persons. And ask your Facebook “friends” to share this with others who might enjoy it.

Website. Pepper your website with short stories or quotes from people you’ve touched. Wherever possible, link these short quotes back to “the rest of the story”—a more detailed telling of the story elsewhere on your website.

Kids aren’t the only ones who love a good story. We all do. What kinds of stories motivate you? How can you tell those kinds of stories to the people you’re trying to reach?