Integrating Direct Mail with Facebook for Premium Results


Integrating-Direct-Mail-with-Facebook-for-Premium-ResultsLike good coffee, premium marketing results aren’t easy to come by. We’ve been touting the benefits of integrating your various marketing methods for some time now. We know that a multi-channel approach works better than marketing that’s limited to one or two channels, but it’s not always easy for the business owner to know how to integrate the different channels. Here are 5 ways to “cross-pollinate” your direct mail with Facebook, for best results. You can also use this approach with other social media platforms, too:

#1: Promote your social profile on your mailers

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many marketers remember to put the Facebook icon or link on their website and email newsletters, but forget to add the badge to their direct mail campaigns. Better still, claim the “vanity URL” for your Facebook page so it’s easy for users to find you without having to hunt through various similar-sounding pages until they get to yours.

#2: Share your campaign’s landing page in your updates

If you’ve created an effective direct mail campaign, chances are good your material sends your prospects to your website to place their orders. These landing pages can provide great fodder for your content marketing and social media, if you share them on your Facebook page as well. Don’t limit your campaign to the direct mail recipients; promote access online as well and you’ll double the reach of your company’s awareness.

#3: Make mailers interactive

The invention of quick response (QR) codes means that physical media can be just as interactive as digital media. Add a QR code to your mailer to make it scannable for prospects who need more information than you want to provide on the print version. Whether the code takes the prospect to a video clip, a downloadable item or an online contact form, it opens another route for people to get in touch with you.

#4: Drive users to Facebook from the landing page

Just as you can drive users from social media to your landing page, you can also send them in the opposite direction by making sure the thank you or landing page you create for your direct mail campaign features links to your Facebook profile. Interaction should be seamless; whether the user first connects with via a direct mailer, a Facebook status or the landing page on your website, there should be a natural flow between the different channels that make it simple for him or her to access all options.

#5: Make your landing pages sharable

The whole point of social media is sharing, in order to tap into the networks of your customers to extend your reach. So make the landing page sharable by adding your Facebook widgets to the page so users can share it with just one click. Encourage them to do so, or offer incentives for sharing that get them clicking on that icon.

Integrating your campaign successfully with social media means that the user has multiple ways of accessing your company and your offers. Whether he comes in via direct mail, social media or your website, the other options must be equally accessible to him with a single click. He may not want to use more than one option, but having the possibility to do so makes your company and your marketing just so much more professional.

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