Is All the Talk About Inbound Marketing Just Talk? A Case Study

inbound marketing case studySometimes it’s easy to think that all of the talk about social media and inbound marketing is, well, just a bunch of talk. At TMR Direct, we talk a lot about inbound marketing and how to leverage your website and social media tools to generate leads and drive business.

But does it work?

One of the challenges of living in an Internet society where there’s constant access to everything all the time is that we expect immediate results. The fact of the matter is that—like any kind of sustainable marketing activity—inbound marketing takes time. Sure, you can generate traffic quickly. But if you’re going to turn that traffic into leads and then turn those leads into customers, it takes some time and perseverance. Despite that disclaimer, inbound marketing does work!

Here’s an example from one of our inbound marketing clients—a remodeler in the Seattle area went from almost zero leads to 32 leads per month. What do the numbers say? This remodeler:

  • Increased Organic Traffic by 842% in 6 months

  • Generated a total of 192 qualified leads

  • Added an additional $90,000 in revenue by improving his website

If you’d like to take a closer look at how this remodeler achieved these results, we invite you to download the free case study and review it for yourself.

Theories are nice. Talk is cheap. But if results are what you want, you have to take the time and give the effort to make them happen. It’s not instant, but it works!