It’s All in Your Head: NLP and Direct Mail Campaigns


If you have never heard of NLP, you are not alone. NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, has been around since the seventies, but it is only recently that it has been embraced by certain online marketers as a method to convert more. Here, we give you a crash course in what NLP is, and how you can use it to improve your direct marketing campaigns.

What Is NLP?

NLP is a contested psychological theory that is based on the idea that people tend to respond more strongly to words that invoke their senses. In other words, words that evoke a picture of interacting directly with your product or service.

How Does NLP Help Marketers?

NLP in a marketing context divides customers into three main types: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual people are most swayed by images, graphics and words that evoke seeing something, auditory people respond best to words that evoke hearing (listen, hear me out, tell me and so on), and kinesthetic people are swayed by words that relate to action, for example, ‘let’s fix this’ or ‘tackle a problem.’

Since NLP is based on the idea that every person falls into one of these three categories as far as the triggers that are most likely to elicit a response, it stands to reason that if you combine all of them in your next direct mail campaign, you should reach more prospects with your message.

Reaching Visual Customers

When you are creating your next direct mail marketing campaign, spend a little more time on graphic design, and make sure that you include a reference to something visual in the copy. For instance, invite prospective customers to come and see your new range, or to walk through your show home to look at the finishes.

Reaching Auditory Customers

To reach auditory customers, be sure to use words related to hearing or words in your copy – for instance, invite them to tell you their biggest problem, or tell them you are listening. If you have video and audio as a part of your marketing plan, direct them to your site or platform for more information.

Reaching Kinesthetic Customers

Kinesthetic customers want to take action. They want to touch products, turn them over and examine them, or take a physical action. These are the customers that are most likely to follow a QR code link to your website, or enter a social media contest. Since they engage better when they are able to take action, give them one to take. Better yet, incorporate a scratch off discount coupon with your printed marketing materials, to encourage them to visit your company and claim a mystery discount.

NLP Is About Engagement

Whether you believe that NLP works or not, there is no denying that ditching the dry, boring sales speak and incorporating descriptive, emotive language in your content cannot hurt. NLP is all about engaging your customer’s senses, and that makes marketing sense, whether you call it NLP or something else.

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