Keeping it Real: How Direct Mail Helps You Connect


Keep-it-Real-How-Direct-Mail-Helps-You-Connect.jpgThink about the last time you got a hand written note rather than an email. Probably made quite an impact and is something you did not forget in a hurry, right? The same result can be had when you choose direct mail over email marketing, and there are several reasons that this form of marketing can help you to connect.

Far from being outdated and obsolete, direct mail is becoming the marketing method of choice for marketers who want to stand out from the spam. Here ishow you can do just that:

No Spam

One of the biggest reasons that email marketing is no longer as effective as it once was is spam. Because of spam, there are all kinds of hurdles to go through just to get permission to send an email, and when you do, chances are spam filters or email rules send it straight to the junk folder anyway.

Unlike email, however, which has become something that rarely ever reaches its target, when you do direct mail correctly, and offer value to your target market, you can still break through the clamor and get your message to them.

Deliver a Strong Message

When you send out direct mail, particularly long form sales letters, it is almost as good as being in your prospects living room or office. You have the opportunity to get their attention and deliver your message, prove your expertise and sell your products and services. Without that Facebook notification and the blinking ad in the corner, people will actually focus on your message and read your entire pitch.

People Trust Paper

Even in this digital age, that note or the direct mail piece you send to a prospect still creates more of a feeling of trust than the digital equivalent. That has because you actually took the time and made the effort to get it printed, addressed it to them, and mailed it out. That shows commitment on your part, and in this day and age of email phishing and account hacking, it is comforting for people to have something tangible to rely on.

Not only is paper a more trustworthy medium than email in many cases, but you also get a second chance with paper. Many people will receive your mail piece, skim it, put it aside for later, and look at it again. That means better responses. In fact, the response rate for direct mail in 2012 was 3.4% versus just 0.12% for email! That is a significant vote of confidence to direct mail!

Send Something Genuine

While email is undoubtedly a great medium, it has limitations. You cannot send your customers a Christmas card they can display on their mantel, or send a sample of your product in the package. All of those genuine, tangible things can help your message to get through to your customers, as can something simple like having a signature on your sales letters.

Direct mail works for the same reason you still have a manned sales line. While the internet and email is great for convenience and technology, people still want something genuine and tangible, and when they get that, you can make a real connection.

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