Landing Page Checklist for Builders

landing page checklistWhen people consider landing pages, they generally jump right to the conversion information.  Hopefully you won’t be surprised to hear that writing effective content for landing pages is a huge component of conversion.  Check out the following checklist to help you create the best landing pages for your builder web site that you can.

1) Language: Keep It Action-Oriented
People will decide to click a landing page or move on in about three seconds.  You need to draw them in immediately.  Write with action verbs as much as possible.  For example, instead of writing “many customers connect with us on Twitter,” consider “connect with our employees and customers on Twitter today.”

2) Language: As If That Weren’t Enough, Keep it Value-Oriented, Too
What will customers get out of your landing pages?  It’s your job to convince them that these offers are worthwhile.  Use concise bullet point lists that pinpoint the values of your offers and explain their benefits.

3) Use Reader-Friendly Keywords
Step away from the world of SEO for a minute and consider the keywords that potential leads and building company customers will need to see to understand your content.  Reader-friendly language will keep readers clicking.  It’s also important to make sure that the keywords on the landing and call-to-action pages are consistent.

4) The Power of Second Person Writing
Potential clients are more likely to work with your building company if they feel a connection to you.  Speaking directly to them will help establish this.  It also helps customers understand how your products and services will effect them directly instead of putting everything in abstract terms.

5) Clarity is More Important Than Creativity
Go back to the three second rule.  You don’t have time to lose your building web site visitors with fluffy language.  Take out any words that are not essential for your message.  Consider using data to illustrate your points.  Above all else, keep it as concise as possible.

6) Formatting Counts
How many times have you seen a cluttered landing page with distracting flashing graphics and confusing messages?  Keep your landing page to 5 lines that are broken up with headers.  Consider using bold text, varying text sizes, parentheticals, checkmarks, and italics.

7) Don’t Forget to Proofread
In addition to looking for spelling and grammatical errors, check again for consistency in language throughout your web site.  Reader-friendly and SEO keywords should be similar throughout your building company web site.  Additionally, double check all of your facts and data.

taylor vowell inbound marketer

Blog Post Written by Taylor Vowell

Taylor Vowell is a certified inbound marketing specialist with a background in graphic design and website development.