Making Sense of Link Building for Builders and Remodelers

link building builders laptopGetting Started: Content Creation
The biggest key to increasing website links for builders and remodelers is content creation.  You will have very few web site visitors spreading your content online if you don’t have content worth sharing.  Even if you have a stellar link building campaign running, you will still get the vast majority of link shares from people linking your content on their own.

In order to build a strong remodeler or builder reader base that shares your content, you need to write solid articles related to your industry.  Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise.  If you content is solid, it will get found and linked.

A Link’s Anatomy: A Basic Understanding
There are three things that you need to consider.

1) Anchor Text
This refers to the hyperlink’s textual representation.  For example, the text for might be “Home Depot.”  Major search engines use this text to determine the keywords that are relevant for a page.  If you want to rank a specific search term for your building or remodeling company, make sure that you include a number of links with that anchor text on your page.

2) Linking Domain Authority
Inbound links signal to search engines that you have a website or a set of web pages.  This is important to SEO.  The basic principal is that you will gain more authority by creating more inbound links.  The more authority you have, the higher your chances are of ranking a given keyword.

It is important to keep in mind that not all links are created equal.  For example, if you got an inbound link from an important player in the building industry, this would give a lot more authority to your domain than if got a link from a family member’s personal blog.  Thus, you want to get a strong number of high authority links.  There are many online tools for checking page or domain authority.

3) Your Web Site: Which Pages Need Links?
All of those inbound links that come from people linking your building or remodeling contentwill improve your domain’s authority but most likely will not point to meaningful pages or contain anchor text that is keyword-rich.  Thus, it becomes your task to improve a particular page’s rank or a keyword phrase’s rank.

Consider the pages that need more links.  As the links to those specific pages grow, they should climb up in the search engine position ranks.

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