Marketing Mobilely – Using Apps As Content


Marketing-Mobilely-Using-Apps-as-ContentMobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent in our world. From smartphones to tablets to mp3 players and more, people want the ability to stay connected, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. In fact, it’s been estimated that 2014 is the year that mobile browsing will actually overtake desktop browsing in popularity. What does that mean for you as a marketer? It means that if you want to promote your brand successfully online, you need to have a mobile app. Here are 3 strategies for using apps to promote your brand. 

Flash Games.

Gaming has always been a popular use for mobile devices. Especially on tablets, which have a larger screen while retaining portability, many people use flash games as a way to while away unexpected downtime. They have simple designs, but can be very addictive, sucking up hours on end. So a flash game with your brand name attached to it can be a great way to use mobile apps to cement yourself in your audience’s minds.

Deals and Discounts.

Everyone loves to save money. Especially when they feel like they’re getting some exclusive offer that’s just for them. You can use apps to target your customers and send personalized deals directly to their phone, based on their interests and previous purchases. For brick and mortar stores, a deal that’s redeemable directly from a mobile device encourages spur of the moment purchases—after all, they’re in the area and happen to have a coupon, so why not? Not only do discount apps allow you to connect with potential customers and encourage sales, but you can also use the app to track how effective a particular deal is, based on how often it was redeemed.

Event Notification.

The key to building excitement for your brand is to create content that people look forward to and won’t want to miss. This means using events. They can be physical events, online events, or events that utilize both. But whatever important events are going on with your brand, you can use an app to keep people informed. That way, those who are interested in what you’re doing can receive updates on what’s going on, calendar reminders, and more.

A mobile app helps you stay connected with your customers. It’s a great form of content that provides them with something useful, while cementing your brand in their minds. Your customers want to be able to take their world with them wherever they go. You can either be a part of that world, or you can be left behind.

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