Marketing Today: The Importance of “Continuing Education”

Inbound-Marketing, Marketing-Professionals, Hubspot, Marketing-Today, WebinarsWe keep hearing about how business has changed. As a matter of fact, if you type “how business changed in the last 10 years” into a Google search, you’ll get about 1,590,000,000 results! 

Change is inevitable. Sometimes we like it and sometimes we don’t. But to succeed in business we have to learn to adapt to the changes—and that means learning. Not everything old is bad. And not everything shiny and new is better. But businesses that don’t keep up with their markets—with their customers—become less profitable and eventually disappear. 

At TMR Direct we take learning seriously—both for ourselves and for our clients. If we’re going to be able to help you achieve measurable results with your marketing efforts, we feel like we need to be on top of what’s happening in the every-changing world of marketing—especially inbound marketing. That’s why several of us recently attended the HubSpot Inbound Marketing event in Boston. There were a ton of informative classes covering every aspect of inbound marketing. We learned a lot about what’s happening in today’s marketing world—what’s working and what’s not. And I even had the privilege to present! 

You can download virtually all of the presentations here. And in a few weeks you can watch videos of the presentations as well! 

We also work hard to offer you helpful information that will help you succeed in your marketing efforts today. We invite you to check out a wide variety of free direct marketing resources, including:

Marketing has changed a lot in the last ten years—and it’s going to keep changing. Keeping up, however, doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. We’re committed to keep learning, so we can help you succeed in your marketing efforts. And we’ll keep sharing what we learn with you. We invite you to keep learning with us!

spencer powell
inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.