Marketing Tool – Bulk Tracking URL Builder

Bulk Tracking URL Tool BlogTime should be spent doing what brings in the highest return on investment. It has been shown that a quality email campaign can build customer loyalty and client response.

As an inbound marketing specialist working with multiple clients, I design and distribute a lot of email marketing campaigns and it’s important to me to know how each email performs. I especially like to know which links are being clicked so I know what is important to the readers and potential clients. Because this is important to me, I like to add tracking to each URL in each email. The time can really add up and take a while when done for individual URLs. It can be time consuming to have to format each URL in order to track each correctly. So when TMR released the bulk tracking URL builder tool I was very excited.

The bulk tracking URL builder tool will automatically create tracking URLs for multiple links based upon your campaign settings. I only have to input my campaign settings once and the tool will build out tracking links for each URL I want in each email at one time. This cuts my time building tracking URLs in half so I can focus my time and attention on creating more quality content and analyzing the results which every marketer and business owner should be doing no matter how many emails they send.

As an added bonus the tool also will shorten the URL and build a QR code off the shortened URL so the QR code is cleaner for easier scanning.

So if you send multiple emails each month or just one every so often, use this cool email tool to reduce time building the email and more time reaping the rewards of a quality email campaign.