Marketing Tools: Case Studies That Prove Your Point

marketing tools case studies that prove a pointWhat do you do when you have prospective customers who just can’t seem to make a decision? They’ve been to your website dozens of times. They’ve read every bit of information about your products and services that you have posted. They’ve downloaded your white papers and special reports. They’ve filled out surveys and requested product brochures. You know they’re serious, but they still haven’t taken that final step of actually doing business with you. You know they like what they see from your company, but they aren’t quite convinced. They’re looking for one more piece of information that will finally sway them. They just don’t quite trust your marketing material because . . . well, it’s marketing!

Some people simply won’t accept your claims at face value. They want something a little more independent. They want proof.

For many years companies have published case studies that help skeptical prospects examine “just the facts.” And if your product or service has a somewhat hefty price tag, you may want to consider publishing a case study or two that can help put prospects at ease because they’ll be able to look at the actual results of someone else who has used your products or services—and they’ll be able to see exactly what happened.

Case studies used to be kind of expensive to produce and send out. But now, once you have a case study written, you can offer it on your website for prospects to download for free. Or you can send it out as an attachment in a follow up email with a note that encourages wavering prospects to see a specific example of how your product or service worked for a real customer.

When you create a case study, make sure you clearly identify the specific problem, and that you identify exactly how your product or service was used, and what the specific results where. The more facts and figures you can include (and the more you can let your happy client speak on your behalf) the better.

Here are a few case studies TMR Direct has published—just to give you a feel for how you can create your own. And if you need help putting one together, we’d be happy to help!