New Service From the USPS! (But is it Right for You?)


New-service-from-the-USPS-but-is-it-right-for-youBusinesses these days are constantly on the lookout for anything that will give them a bit of an edge in getting their message out to customers. That fact isn’t lost on the United States Postal Service (USPS), and one way they’re trying to help businesses succeed is with a new service called Every Door Direct Mail.

But just because something is new doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right solution for your business. So who can best take advantage of this new USPS service?

If you have a retail business that relies mostly on local business—within a specific area—Every Door Direct Mail can be an extremely effective way to reach your target audience. You can use the USPS’s online tool to choose your targeted mailing routes by address, city, state, ZIP Code™, or up to a 5-mile radius around your business. You can even use street names or an intersection as your target area. And, use the demographic options to better target the customers you want to reach.

The tool accurately identifies the number of active residential and business addresses in the target area(s) you select. That allows you to estimate postage costs based upon print quantities accurately so that you’re not spending more on printing and postage than you should.

What kind of businesses benefit most from Every Door?

Broad Appeal: Businesses with broad appeal (restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, shoe stores, florists, etc.) are ideal for this approach, because you’ll be contacting people in a specific area around your business who are highly likely to stop and shop. Also, if you’re appealing to a neighborhood’s sense of community, this approach can be a powerful way to promote that.

If your clientele is driven more by specific needs (such as an engineering firm, an architectural firm, or some other professional service), you’d be better served by mailing to a list that’s generated based on specific criteria, since most clients don’t search for professional services based on location.

Price Point: Also, you’ll want to consider your price point. You’ll be more likely to have success with the Every Door approach if your price point is lower. A big part of what you’re selling is convenience.

For really big-ticket items, customers are often willing to drive out of their neighborhood.

Independent: This type of mailing helps small, independent businesses stand out. Programs such as Small Business Saturday have had great appeal in a lot of areas. A targeted local mailing can tap into that sentiment and remind residents about local merchants in their area.

If you’re a local small business, we can walk you through the steps to help you take advantage of this new offering from the USPS. And if your business targets a more specific audience that’s not defined by geography, we can help you find the right list and prepare a mailing for that audience as well.

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