Our Holiday Marketing Favorites


It’s that time of year when businesses dig deep into the caverns of their exhausted creative genius—and give it the good ol’ marketing try. We love marketing, and we love people who take risks and think outside the box. That’s why we’ve pulled together some shots of our favorite holiday marketing so far this season. If we missed you, we apologize in advance. Share your best holiday links in the comments so we know who to stalk—errr, I mean, follow—in 2014.



Is it easy to give Coca-Cola a spot on the list? Yes, but, if you only knew how much our inbound team loves Coke products, you’d extend us some holiday understanding. Plus, who doesn’t love the Coca-Cola polar bears? Now if only they made them each a customized ugly sweater

Cards Against Humanity


While comparing favorite Black Friday specials in the office last week, Spencer mentioned this one from Cards Against Humanity. They did something crazy—they raised their prices on Black Friday. Say what? Not only was it a brilliant way to increase total sales, it was an incredibly humorous way to poke fun at Black Friday shoppers.


The first time I saw this commercial, I only caught the last three jingles. My TV was on in the background, and I assumed it was the classic Hershey’s Kisses rendition of Jingle Bells. I looked up from my desk and declared—excellent marketing, once again, from Kmart!

WestJet Christmas Miracle

We liked this one so much, we even gave it its own separate blog! Watch this without tearing up — I triple candy cane dare you!