Print Marketing: When Old Becomes New Again


You’ve probably noticed how trends seem to recur in slightly different forms. We see it in fashion and homebuilding trends all the time. We even see it in some industrial designs. Sometimes it’s just good fun and highly entertaining.  But sometimes a new perspective on an old idea can be rereshingly impactful.

Recently, furniture giant (and major direct mail player) IKEA released a video that spoofs their own new catalog—while taking a playful poke at the way high tech companies promote their own products.

We thought you might enjoy this playful approach to direct marketing. We think it’s pretty well done. But even if it makes you chuckle, don’t miss out on the truth hidden in the spoof. There is a reason IKEA continuing to send three dimensional catalogs through the mail: They work!

Click below to enjoy the show—and pass the popcorn!

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