Remodeler Marketing: Why Would Someone Choose You?

remodeler marketing becoming uniqueIf you’re in the business of remodeling homes, you have competition—lots of it. Don’t believe it? Go to Google and type in “Home remodeling” followed by your town or region. It’s a little scary. And those are just the remodelers who have an online presence. There are a bunch of other competitors out there who just haven’t gotten around to creating a web site. And until new home starts pick up dramatically, the competition is going to remain fierce.

So with all the competition out there, why would someone choose you to remodel their home? If you’re reading this, you probably have a website. Or at least you rely on the web to look for helpful information. Homeowners do the same thing. They are looking for helpful information about renovation and remodeling. Some of them have a pretty good idea of what they want. Many really don’t have a clue, yet. Some of them don’t even know which questions to ask.

Would they ask you?

Are you giving potential clients a reason to trust you? Or are you simply a faceless entity on the Internet, waiting to take their money? They fact is, they’re not ready to spend money . . . yet. When they are a little further down the road—when they have the information they need, the plans they want, the answers to their remodeling questions, they’ll be ready to spend their money.

Will they spend it with you?

Sales guru, Jeffrry Gitomer, is fond of saying that (all things being equal) people buy from people they like. Do your potential clients know you well enough to like you? Do you have an online persona that welcomes people and offers them value? Are you reaching out with helpful information via a blog or an online newsletter? Are you answering the questions they want to know? Or does your sales pitch sound like every other remodeler in your region?

What are you doing to make sure potential clients will choose you?Remodeler Marketing