Retirement Community Marketing and the Value of Social Media

retirement community marketing and social mediaIf you are still one of those people that has been living under a rock when it comes to the benefits of social media for businesses, the time for that is over.  Retirement home owners were probably the most guilty of this because until recently, their customers did not use social media much.  As you can see, the number of baby boomers aged 45-55 using social media websites more than doubled in less than two years.  For the older boomers, their numbers almost quintupled.  Even Gen-Xers had a significant increase in only a year and a half, and many times, Gen-Xers are the ones doing research on retirement homes for their parents. 

Creating a strong social media campaign for your retirement home business might help you to reach out to more people than you originally thought.  These numbers are only going to get larger because social media is not going away.  There have been countless studies about the benefits of social media; so if you haven’t already, crawl out from under that rock and start getting online.