Seven Ideas for Your Next Video Campaign


describe the imageRecent marketing studies have touted the success of online videos for marketing. Successful videos can use many different formats. Regardless of your budget, remember that content is most important. Experts say that online videos should not exceed 60-90 seconds. However, evidence has shown that viewers will watch longer videos, if they are engaging.

Here are seven different way to use videos effectively.

#1. Interview the Experts

Broadcasting an interview with an expert can raise the status of your company and result in more links to your website. Here is an example on of an interview with Emily Crume of

#2. “How To” Videos

“How To” instructional videos can introduce new customers to your product and encourage current customers to share your links with friends. See an example from

#3. Industry News Reports

Talking about relevant industry news can build trust and consumer loyalty. For example this Memorial Day Video posted on the “Nuts About Southwest” blog.

#4. Consumer Tips and Updates

Starbucks excels at using online video to share tips and updates. In this video, see how to Make Your Cup a Perfect Cup.

#5. Brand Based Entertainment

Often, videos that appear to be purely entertaining help build brand awareness. Like this fantastic video by TNT.

#6. Top # Lists

Of course, the reigning champion of Top 10 lists continues to be David Letterman. Consider using a numbered list of your own to help customers remember your message.

#7. A Look Behind-The-Scenes

Perhaps you don’t realize how fascinating your daily routine would be for people outside your industry. These videos can be especially effective for performing arts organizations, like the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s video series Festival in Five.

You might consider using any of these seven formats (or your own spin-off) to drive traffic to your site. Successful videos can become a mini-, or ongoing, video series for more in-depth information that will bring traffic to your site again and again.