Should Video Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Should video be part of your marketing strategyAccording to, Internet users watch more than 4 billion online videos every day. That’s a lot of “eyeballs” on computer (and tablet and smart phone) screens. But what’s really interesting is that 68 percent of the people who watch videos also share video links. That’s how word-of-mouth” marketing works in the digital age.

The impact of video doesn’t stop there, however. The folks at also report that after 72 hours most people retain approximately 10 percent of what they read; 65 percent of and image they’ve viewed; and a whopping 95 percent of the content of a video they’ve watched.

Some businesses shy away from video because they’re concerned that they don’t have the production know-how and skills to pull off a world-class video production. And some businesses don’t think they have a product that’s “sexy” enough to warrant video.

None of that stopped the folks at Blendtec from launching their Will It Blend? campaign on YouTube to promote their blenders back in October of 2006. Most of us may not think of electric blenders as particularly exciting—and Steven Spielberg isn’t feeling threatened by the filmmaking skills of the folks at Blendtec. But as of March 21, 2013, the Blendtec series of videos had been seen by more than 289 million viewers on YouTube.

Your video may not generate that same response, but you get a sense for the potential impact video can have.

If the idea of shooting a video still seems overwhelming, you might want to consider using something like Vine. Vine is a relatively new free app for sharing short, looping videos. These short (6-second) videos can be great attention-grabbers that entice viewers to check out your website for more information. You can almost think of a Vine video as an “appetizer” to get people interested in the “entrées” your website has to offer.

Is video right for your business? You may never know until you try, but there’s no denying the potential impact it can have. Check out what the Blendtec folks did at Will It Blend? and see if it spurs your to new creative heights. Even if it doesn’t, the videos are worth watching!