Solidify Your Brand with Direct Mail Marketing


Making-Direct-Mail-Campaigns-Appeal-to-Younger-AudiencesTo create a solid brand, you have to present it properly in multiple forms. Direct mail is a good traditional strategy for showing off a solid brand, in contrast to digital marketing. The following are a few tips for presenting a strong brand and increasing brand recognition through direct mail.

Pick the right design style.

Your direct mail promotional materials need to be eye catching, aesthetically pleasing, and long lasting. You want your brand to be memorable, and the design style of your direct mail will help to create that new brand image. For a fresh, new brand, use bold, evocative colors and strong lines in artistic designs. Make the font of your mailings reflect the content; important news can be strong and bold, while general information can be in a more subdued font.

Choose the right tone.

You don’t want a strong, active tone for all products. Consider what you are selling and the image you want your brand associated with in the minds of your customers. A company selling organic food may opt for a calming tone that evokes pastoral images, while a company selling sports equipment may want a more active quality. The images that accompany the text can play a huge part in determining the tone of your direct mail promotional materials.

Rely on the credibility of direct mail.

Direct mail tends to evoke more credibility than digital marketing materials. Because it is so easy to put information on the internet, people have developed a cynicism for the veracity of information gathered online. Direct mail doesn’t have this stigma and can be very effective at spreading a brand name to a large number of people. Furthermore, when recipients of direct mail promotional materials see the brand online or in other settings, they will be more likely to recognize and trust the company associated with it.

Use brand language.

Brand language includes catchphrases, popular sayings associated with the brand, mascot names, and more. Include this language in all of your direct mail and digital marketing materials to expand your brand and create greater recognition. Over time, the use of any brand language will conjure thoughts of your company. Consider Google, for example: it became so heavily used that the word “Google” is now commonly used as a verb, and even a picture of a blue “G” in a box can conjure up thoughts of the search engine.

Combine digital and direct mail.

By using your direct mail to direct recipients to your digital marketing materials, you are increasing both your customer base and your brand presence. The more people that visit your website, the more web traffic will be directed to your site from search engines and other locations. Direct mail is not important simply because it spreads the word and adds credibility to your brand, but because it maximizes the brand’s presence on digital media.

These tips will help to build your brand, and will eventually increase your company presence. Research more ways to use direct mail and other marketing strategies to further improve brand recognition.

Direct Mail Best Practices