Alive and Kicking: Analyzing the Numbers Behind Direct Mail

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  The fact that Apple, which has single-handedly revolutionized forward-thinking technology, is still using direct mail should be a wakeup call for businesses in every industry. If you’re not sure about the sustainability of direct mail marketing, then it’s time to consider the numbers. Despite the growth of digital media, direct mail response rates have held steady over the last four years. Mailings to prospect lists average a response rate of 1.38 percent, which is similar to the 1.78 conversion rate for marketing emails. Perhaps the most surprising revelation is the fact that 73 percent of United States consumers prefer direct mail as their primary method of communication with brands. Despite the convenience of digital media, consumers consistently report that they enjoy checking the mailbox and finding promotional pieces mingled with personal mail. In a separate survey, 59 percent of consumers say that they enjoy receiving postal mail from brands about new services, products, and promotions. Read More