Is Your Direct Mail Sinking in a Social Media-Driven World?

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  With the intense focus on everything social these days, you might be wondering whether there’s still a place for direct mail in a social media-driven world. The answer is yes, if it’s done right. So what does “doing it right” actually mean, and how do you navigate the waters of the social seas without sinking? Don’t panic – there are ways to do it that will bring you a return on your direct marketing investment. Read More

SEO in the Aftermath of Keyword Density

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  If you have your finger on the pulse of inbound marketing news, you’ve no doubt seen a myriad of articles declaring SEO to be dead. In fact, people have been trying to declare it dead for years now, and will no doubt continue to do so for a number of years more. Currently, they seem to have a bit more grounds than usual, though. We’ve discussed before how Google has changed their algorithms so that keyword density—previously SEO’s bread and butter—is no longer nearly as big a factor when it comes to search results. And in fact, using your keywords more than two or three times in a single piece of content is said to get your page penalized, rather than promoted. So is this it? Is SEO really dead this time? Read More


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Over time, hashtags have become an important part of our culture. Though their use has somewhat devolved into the bizarre and ridiculous, in other ways they’re an important part of how we share information. Twitter uses them, Instagram uses them, and now Facebook has introduced hashtag use as well. So the question is, how can you harness this powerful force and use it to promote your brand? There are several ways.  Read More

The Science Of Sharing – The Psychology Behind Social Media Buzz

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  You’re browsing through Facebook, and you come across a funny cat video. You watch it all the way through and laugh a fair amount. Then, once the video is over, you’re faced with a choice: Do you move on and continue browsing Facebook? Or do you share this video with your friends? It seems like a fairly simple question, and it’s one you probably make several times a day on your own social media. But what determines the answer? What’s the difference between content that gets shared and content that doesn’t? If you can figure this out, you’ll have a tremendous advantage when it comes to social media marketing. Sharing on social media is an essential aspect of marketing and one of the biggest factors in gaining exposure for your brand and content. So how can you encourage sharing on your page? High quality content is essential, of course. People are only going to share things they find interesting, funny, relevant, or otherwise worthwhile. But liking your content doesn’t guarantee someone will share it. You can always ask them to share it, but such requests get old quickly. If you’re constantly telling people to share your content, it’s more likely to annoy them than inspire them. Read More

Dishonest Social Media – Why Buying Clicks And Followers Isn’t the Way To Go

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  Promoting your brand can seem like a long, arduous process at times. Social media marketing alone is a fulltime job. You have to maintain your presence and your image at all times. You constantly need to be connecting with fans and with other companies in order to build a following. You need to come up with interesting and unique content to post in addition to your blogs and other regular content. Then you need to repeat all of that work for every social media channel on which your brand has a presence, since a cookie cutter approach isn’t engaging. It’s a lot of work, and it can take a long time to yield any visible results. Isn’t there an easier way? Read More

Social Media: What’s Behind the Numbers?

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  At times it seems that the only constant with social media is that it’s constantly changing. Not only is there a steady stream of new social media tools, but there also seems to be a never-ending series of reports about which tool is capturing what percentage of usage. There is new data from the folks at TechCrunch about how people are using social media. The headline of one of their recent posts proclaims: “73% Of U.S. Adults Use Social Networks, Pinterest Passes Twitter In Popularity, Facebook Stays On Top.” But does that mean you should be pumping more time, effort, and money into Facebook marketing? Should you dump your Twitter account and pump up your Pinterest posts? What’s behind those numbers, and what do they mean for you? Read More

5 Ways To Use Video In Social Media Marketing

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  We’ve discussed before how important videos are to your content marketing strategy. But what’s often overlooked is the role that videos play in social media marketing. For one thing, YouTube isn’t just a platform for hosting videos. It’s a whole community, whose users often interact with one another. And it’s important to consider that when creating your channel and deciding what content to post on it. Not only that, video can be an effective tool to use on your other social media platforms as well. Particularly now that Facebook has begun playing videos automatically in users’ newsfeeds, your video content needs to be tailored for social media. How do you do that? Here are five types of videos you can post to engage your social media circles. Read More

3 Ways Joining Google+ Benefits Inbound Marketing

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  In many respects, Google+ was a latecomer to the social media scene. It followed on the heels of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn after they were already well established, and for many months industry commentators thought it was dead in the water. Not so, as we’re starting to see more and more evidence that it’s quietly positioning itself to be much bigger than was originally expected. For any business practicing inbound marketing, joining Google+ is becoming almost a biological imperative. Why do we say that? Because here are four ways it will help your strategy get off the ground more than anything else possibly can. #1: Establish Authorship Read More

Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developers And What They Can Teach You

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  Facebook makes its money through marketing and ad revenue. In order to maintain its position at the top of the social media world, it needs to work with the very best marketers and advertisers. So they established their Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. Elite and talented marketing companies who join this program are able to work with Facebook to find new and innovative ways of reaching its users, from app building to ad creation to Facebook Pages. Read More