Every day you roll the dice a bit with your marketing efforts. Let’s face it; even though there is a definite science to online, inbound marketing, you still take a chance every time you roll out a new marketing attempt. That doesn’t make you irresponsible as a marketer. It’s simply the reality of doing marketing in an every-changing world.  What worked yesterday may not work today—and almost certainly won’t work tomorrow. As marketing has moved online, there has been a huge amount of emphasis placed on search engine optimization (SEO). It’s certainly understandable. If more and more of your business comes to you through the Web, you want to get found by the search engines. Getting found is essential. But a lot of attempts to optimize websites in order to get found have been unfruitful—at least those attempts to outsmart the search engines. Marketers who try to “game Google” end up paying a price. They can actually find their rankings get pushed lower because Google knows exactly what they’re trying to do. Read More