SEO in the Aftermath of Keyword Density

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  If you have your finger on the pulse of inbound marketing news, you’ve no doubt seen a myriad of articles declaring SEO to be dead. In fact, people have been trying to declare it dead for years now, and will no doubt continue to do so for a number of years more. Currently, they seem to have a bit more grounds than usual, though. We’ve discussed before how Google has changed their algorithms so that keyword density—previously SEO’s bread and butter—is no longer nearly as big a factor when it comes to search results. And in fact, using your keywords more than two or three times in a single piece of content is said to get your page penalized, rather than promoted. So is this it? Is SEO really dead this time? Read More


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Over time, hashtags have become an important part of our culture. Though their use has somewhat devolved into the bizarre and ridiculous, in other ways they’re an important part of how we share information. Twitter uses them, Instagram uses them, and now Facebook has introduced hashtag use as well. So the question is, how can you harness this powerful force and use it to promote your brand? There are several ways.  Read More

Dishonest Social Media – Why Buying Clicks And Followers Isn’t the Way To Go

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  Promoting your brand can seem like a long, arduous process at times. Social media marketing alone is a fulltime job. You have to maintain your presence and your image at all times. You constantly need to be connecting with fans and with other companies in order to build a following. You need to come up with interesting and unique content to post in addition to your blogs and other regular content. Then you need to repeat all of that work for every social media channel on which your brand has a presence, since a cookie cutter approach isn’t engaging. It’s a lot of work, and it can take a long time to yield any visible results. Isn’t there an easier way? Read More

Content Marketing Trumps the Super Bowl – Part 2

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  The Super Bowl is probably the biggest marketing event of the year—so much so that we couldn’t cover all the brilliant content marketing tactics in a single blog post. Yesterday, we talked about how Doritos and SodaStream used online content to promote their Super Bowl ads. Today, we present two more companies, who switched things up and used the Super Bowl to promote their online content. Newcastle Brown Ale – If We Made It Read More

It’s Official: Content and Social Media Trump the Super Bowl for Marketing Power – Part 1

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We’ve often talked about how traditional forms of advertisements such as TV commercials are no longer effective. People mute them, change the channel, or just don’t pay attention to them. But there’s one magical time of year when that’s not true: the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl Ad phenomenon is truly a stroke of marketing genius. Everyone looks forward to them—even those who don’t necessarily watch football. They’re clever, funny, have high production values, and often feature A-list celebrities. In fact, ads are so widely viewed that 30 seconds of Super Bowl airtime this year cost companies about $4 million. Read More

5 Ways To Use Video In Social Media Marketing

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  We’ve discussed before how important videos are to your content marketing strategy. But what’s often overlooked is the role that videos play in social media marketing. For one thing, YouTube isn’t just a platform for hosting videos. It’s a whole community, whose users often interact with one another. And it’s important to consider that when creating your channel and deciding what content to post on it. Not only that, video can be an effective tool to use on your other social media platforms as well. Particularly now that Facebook has begun playing videos automatically in users’ newsfeeds, your video content needs to be tailored for social media. How do you do that? Here are five types of videos you can post to engage your social media circles. Read More

Top 5 Inbound Campaigns Of 2013

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  It’s a new year, and with it come new opportunities for promoting your brand. It’s the perfect time to reevaluate your inbound marketing strategy, to see what worked over the last year and create new goals for the coming year. So while you’re examining and revising your campaign for 2014, it might be a good idea to seek inspiration from those who really nailed it in 2013. The website Search Engine People has put together a list of five great examples, in all different areas of inbound marketing.  Read More

3 Ways Joining Google+ Benefits Inbound Marketing

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  In many respects, Google+ was a latecomer to the social media scene. It followed on the heels of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn after they were already well established, and for many months industry commentators thought it was dead in the water. Not so, as we’re starting to see more and more evidence that it’s quietly positioning itself to be much bigger than was originally expected. For any business practicing inbound marketing, joining Google+ is becoming almost a biological imperative. Why do we say that? Because here are four ways it will help your strategy get off the ground more than anything else possibly can. #1: Establish Authorship Read More

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Social Media Marketing “Jabs”

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  So you’ve managed to amass a following on social media. How do you use that following to reach out to people? How do you engage with them in a real and personal way that will affect the way they think of your company? How do you make the connections that will ultimately lead to sales? Gary Vaynerchuk would seem to have the answers to all of those questions. He’s a social media marketer who knows how to promote his clients, and who knows how to promote himself. It’s a process he calls, “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” (which is also the title of Vaynerchuk’s just-released book). A “jab” is an interaction between someone and your brand, and anything of value that you can provide for them. This can be as simple as a compliment or acknowledgement of something they’ve said to you. Or it can be a larger favor. Read More