You’re browsing through Facebook, and you come across a funny cat video. You watch it all the way through and laugh a fair amount. Then, once the video is over, you’re faced with a choice: Do you move on and continue browsing Facebook? Or do you share this video with your friends? It seems like a fairly simple question, and it’s one you probably make several times a day on your own social media. But what determines the answer? What’s the difference between content that gets shared and content that doesn’t? If you can figure this out, you’ll have a tremendous advantage when it comes to social media marketing. Sharing on social media is an essential aspect of marketing and one of the biggest factors in gaining exposure for your brand and content. So how can you encourage sharing on your page? High quality content is essential, of course. People are only going to share things they find interesting, funny, relevant, or otherwise worthwhile. But liking your content doesn’t guarantee someone will share it. You can always ask them to share it, but such requests get old quickly. If you’re constantly telling people to share your content, it’s more likely to annoy them than inspire them. Read More