The Missing Link in Your Link Tracking

missing-link-in-link-trackingUsing links in your marketing messaging is a great way to engage potential customers and lead them to more detailed information about a product or service that you provide. And it’s a marketer’s dream when it comes to creating calls to action, because not only do you tell people what to do—you also provide an immediate means for them to do it while they’re still thinking about it.

Sometimes, however, there’s a missing link in your link process. Maybe you build a link into an email that you sent out. Maybe you have one in a blog your writing (and if you’re not doing this regularly, you should be!). Maybe you even put links into printed letters or newsletters. These are all great places for links. But here’s where the gap sometimes occurs: Did anyone actually click on the link?

TMR Direct has created a new tool called Real Time Link Notification that will immediately notify you by email when someone clicks on a link you’ve embedded in one of your out-going marketing messages. You don’t have to wonder if anybody is clicking—you’ll know immediately. It’s a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of the things you’re linking to (such as special reports, white papers, or other downloads).

It’s also a great follow-up tool. For instance, if you notice that someone has downloaded several items, it’s probably an indicator that they are serious about something you offer. You then have the opportunity to email them or call them to see if they have more questions—or are ready to buy. And soon we’ll be offering temporary document hosting. If you’ve sent a contract to a prospect, you can upload that contract and then generate a link to download it. When you send that link to your prospect, you’ll be notified when he or she downloads it. You won’t have to call and ask, “Did you get the contract?” You’ll know as soon as it’s been downloaded!

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spencer powell inbound marketing certified professional

Blog Post Written by Spencer Powell

Spencer is the Inbound Marketing Director at TMR Direct. Spencer specializes in helping clients create and execute effective inbound marketing campaigns.