The Real Secret To Successfully Using Social Media In Your Business

The real secret to successfully using social media in your businessWhat’s the secret to successfully using social media to market your business? Use what works. You’re probably thinking, “Gee, thanks! What a wonderful grasp of the obvious!” But there’s actually something more behind that astute advice.

A lot of businesses get caught up in using the latest marketing tools—and in the debate about whether or not they’re effective. Should you be on Facebook? That depends on whether or not your audience is there. What about Google+? Marketers argue about whether it’s viable, but it boasts more than 600 million active users. Some people think it’s silly to spend time on Pinterest (unless, of course they’re trying to reach the many women who spend time there). There are marketers who think that Vine, with its six seconds of video is an absolute waste of time. After all, what can you communicate in just six seconds?  Of course, that’s similar to the question that people asked a few years ago about a certain social media platform that restricted users to 140 characters.

The point of all of this is that no single social media tool works for every audience or every business. You have to figure out what works for your audience and for your business. And the only way to know that is to try it. You have to try it and keep doing what works and eliminate what doesn’t. It’s not about what’s cool, hip, or new. It’s about what gets your message to the right people—and (ultimately) gets them to respond.

You see, nobody is going to buy anything on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Vine. That’s not what they are there for. Those places are gateways where people can pick up information and ideas. Then they’re going to head to your website for the real scoop. What happens when potential clients hit your website?

Are you taking them to a specific landing page to give them the information they really want? Or are you stranding them on your home page and hoping that they’ll eventually find their way to what they really want or need? Is your website set up to drive visitors to action and turn visitors into qualified leads? Can you answer those questions?*

That’s the real key to social media success. It’s not about which tool you use. It’s about how well you use that tool to get potential clients to your site and convert them to leads. Try new tools to see what works for you and your audience. Make it part of your overall marketing plan. Repeat what works and drop what doesn’t.

*If you’d like help in determining how well your current marketing efforts are working, consider requesting a free marketing analysis. This no-obligation, 30-minute analysis will look at your current marketing efforts, analyze your website and your sales process and leave you with actionable suggestions for improving your marketing.