Tips For Direct Mail That Converts

tips for direct mail that convertsDirect mail is useless if it doesn’t convert recipients into buyers. It wastes money, not to mention valuable natural resources, if customers aren’t being effectively reached. There are, however, a number of ways to make sure that a direct mail strategy is successfully converting recipients and giving you the highest return on your investment.

Customer Attention: It’s Everything

If there’s one thing you must know about direct mail, it’s that there is no way for lead conversion to be successful if you aren’t getting the attention of customers. It doesn’t matter whether the offer outlined inside the envelope is irresistible, or if the content is beautifully written—nobody is going to bother reading if they don’t open the envelope. Here are a few tips to increase envelope intrigue:

  • Handwrite and stamp the envelope. It will take a little extra time to do this, so it’s probably only worth it for smaller local campaigns or when targeting a few loyal customers. That said, it’s a surefire way to get noticed. This kind of direct mailing shows that a company cares about catering to a particular audience and isn’t afraid to go all the way to individualize their strategy.
  • Put something in the envelope along with the written copy. Something bulky or shaped irregularly is a guaranteed way to get mail opened, because recipients can tell right away that there’s something other than just a paper statement on the inside. A branded refrigerator magnet, car magnet, key ring, pen, or pin-on button that can be felt through the packaging will almost certainly generate interest.

Keeping the Attention of Consumers

Of course, simply getting the attention of potential customers with direct mail won’t guarantee good lead conversion. The next step, of course, is to keep their attention.

Obviously, you want your customers to receive enough information from the mailing to pique their interest and to get a sense of how your company can help them. That’s how you attract them to visit your company website, especially particular landing pages, and lead them to the information they need. From there, customers can submit their information and your company can continue the work of keeping them interested with an effective integrated marketing strategy.

For example, once you have gotten a customer’s information, it’s easy to send out a birthday card with a discount or reward code on it, which arrives just before the person’s actual birthday. Not only are you alerting consumers to a great deal, but you are also reaching out to them on a personal level, which any customer will appreciate.

Similarly, try implementing a rewards program that tracks purchases and offers discounts based on a point or punch card system. Rewards systems are an excellent way to keep a hold on clients.

Ultimately, direct mail will be an invaluable tool for lead conversion if you leverage it correctly. Using direct mail as part of an integrated marketing strategy by converting print mail recipients into leads online is by far your best bet.